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There are a lot of naysayers out there who don’t think it makes sense to use new media when you are targeting an older audience (ahem, campaign folk – I’m talking to you).

Well, the AARP might make us think again.

Few to none have been better at marketing to a senior (or as my mother would remind me, “mature”) audience than the AARP. They sell many services to that audience and have a fairly sizeable presence on Captiol Hill. They know this audience, so when they take a new strategic initiative, it’s worth taking a look.


The nonprofit launched daily news site AARP Bulletin Today and redesigned its Web site last spring (the site came out of beta testing in September) to include Web 2.0 features to prepare for what it expects will be an exponentially growing user base, Clark says Nataki Clarke, director of online marketing.

“I think social networking is helping us demonstrate that we can be very relevant,” says Clarke, who had the numbers to back her up. “We ended August with 2.7 million unique visitors. Last August, we were at 1.9 million. That means almost a million people have discovered us in just a year,” she says.