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Who offers the best political campaign coverage? Which networks and anchors bring us the in-depth news and interviews to give political junkies an angle on the inside workings of their candidate, or their opponents? Some would argue CNN or Fox. Others would clamour for ABC or NBC. Few, obviously, would make a pitch for Katie Couric.

But The Fix, a Washington Post blog written by longtime DC reporter Chris Cillizza (which is itself an addicting read), recently discussed the difference in two of the most powerful political news programs on television: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colber Report with Stephen Colbert.

“Forget the ongoing primary fight between Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.). The primary that really matters is the one between Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for the hearts, minds and, yes, even the eyeballs of America…

“So, who’s better? A new poll conducted by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics gives us some answers about how the young set — ages 18-24 — come down on that very question…

“Stewart led the way as the preference of 30 percent of those tested while Colbert checked in at 26 percent. Roughly three in ten chose neither while a shocking 16 percent said they had never heard of Colbert and Stewart. Who are these people?”

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