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Of course that’s not breaking news. But what is exciting is how that online content has evolved from the product of professional writers to semi-pro bloggers/ vidcasters. In this process, an interesting question arises: If content is king, then whose content wins – the professionals or the passionate?

Professional journalists bring style and discipline while the citizen media brings passion and raw, often breaking, news and opinion. Bloggers are witty and compelling. Professional journalists are often more calculating and organized.

Ultimately, the real winners will continue to be those professionals who have loosened the proverbial tie in order to blend their training and experience with passion and personal interest in their topics. The Politico, a new Capitol Hill newspaper/news site in Washington, has attracted many top tier journalists in part due to the editorial flexibility and creativity the paper brings to the online/print media mix. was one of the first to successful unleash professional journalists on a less structured environment with well-written, opinionated news pieces online.

Print journalists, even broadcasters, have been trained to operate within the logistical limitations of their medium, from print deadlines to get a story to layout and on to the presses or a TV/radio segment. As the Internet has erased these boundaries, new training and techniques are needed as well. And often, the writers best suited to produce content online are those who were never trained for the old media.